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Don’t tell us we can’t.

Because we don’t focus on our limitations. We focus on our possibilities. 

We’re 21 million strong. But less than 10% of us participate in regular physical activity. That’s where U.S. Paralympics comes in. Through sports, U.S. Paralympics shows us the power of what’s possible.
Not everyone in this program will become a Paralympic athlete. But U.S. Paralympics isn’t just about "going for the gold." It’s about living a healthy, active lifestyle.
Through U.S. Paralympics, we’re making the impossible…possible.


U.S. Paralympics connects communities and organizations that provide sports and recreation opportunities for people with physical and visual disabilities, with an emphasis on youth, injured service members and veterans.  It’s about putting people and resources together – all across America. The goal: expand Paralympic programs into 250 cities across the U.S.


We work with Paralympic athletes—giving them the training, support, and preparation they need to compete in the Paralympic Games, the second largest sporting event in the world, after the Olympic Games. We sponsor camps and competitions, all designed to prepare them for their moment on the world stage.


The U.S. Olympic Committee’s Paralympic Military & Veteran programs use sports to enhance the rehabilitation of injured service members and veterans. While still on active duty, military men and women can access Paralympic sport programs at medical treatment facilities and Warrior Transition Units at different installations across the country. U.S. Paralympics provides the training and expertise needed to implement activities that can be adapted for wounded, ill and injured service members.
Upon leaving the military and returning home, U.S. Paralympics works to connect veterans to ongoing programs in their communities so they can continue to lead healthy, active lives along with their family members and friends.


U.S. Paralympics athletes show the world the power of what’s possible.  Our Paralympic Ambassadors serve as role models and mentors to youth, veterans with disabilities, injured servicemen and women and others in communities across the country. These athletes are inspiring all Americans with their stories of perseverance and creating global awareness for the importance of health and wellness for people with physical and visual disabilities.
At U.S. Paralympics, it’s not just about sporting events. It’s about using sports to inspire possibilities. Because once a person with a disability believes he or she can play volleyball, or swim, or run, it’s a small step to believing they can do every day things as well—the things they may have once seen as impossible.